BLM and the Functions of Mythology: as History & as Founding Myth

In recent writings, I have made several claims in regards to what BLM is aiming to do. Chief amongst those reads as follows: BLM are attempting to lay down a foundational mythos to justify usurping the current ruling order and that, ultimately, this attempt will fail because their new mythos is too untrue. Now weContinue reading “BLM and the Functions of Mythology: as History & as Founding Myth”

Kritike Tekhne (“Art of Judgement”)

The Greek conception of art critique was used to judge tools. For the greeks, a cup was art, a chair, a table, not some abstract blue blob frivolously splashed onto a blank white canvas. In this sense art always served some pragmatic, real-world end. A cup was to serve as a vessel for a beverage,Continue reading “Kritike Tekhne (“Art of Judgement”)”

BLM & the Dysfunction of Mythos

(I may suggest reading the previous post for both continuity and clarity.) Now that we understand that what we are watching unfold in the streets is the attempted establishment of a new mythos, we can move forward in the analysis. The next question is a simple one: Will they succeed? The answer of that questionContinue reading “BLM & the Dysfunction of Mythos”

BLM and Roman Mythology

In the annals of human history, there has never been a civilization without a founding mythology. From the Vikings of Northern Europe, to the Manchus of Northeast China, it is a matter of anthropological certainty that once a people settle, gather together, and begin to build a civilization, the deed cannot be done without mythos. Continue reading “BLM and Roman Mythology”

Review: “Notes from Underground” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The seven deadly sins, it seems to me, were labelled as such more as a consequence of the society in which they were written than anything else. In nomadic, primitive, and tribal societies, the social was everything. If one was excommunicated, death was not far off. Those seven sins are the seven deadly sins ofContinue reading “Review: “Notes from Underground” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky”

Review: “Against the Web: a Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right” by Michael Brooks

Against the Web: a Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right is an actual book that is actually trying to be serious in it’s critique of “The Intellectual Dark Web”. I say that despite all the evidence to the contrary littered between the cover and the back end. If I hadn’t bought the thing on AppleContinue reading “Review: “Against the Web: a Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right” by Michael Brooks”

Review: “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” by Bari Weiss

In recent years, there are some topics that have proven themselves to be unworthy of the potential scorn that may be heaped upon those who dare to speak of them. That is why I was reluctant to touch such a controversial topic as anti-Semitism, but I eventually sucumbed to the allure of such a mysteriousContinue reading “Review: “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” by Bari Weiss”