This is not a Culture War

Culture is many things. On the micro level, it is made up of a plethora of artistic, spiritual, linguistic, and technological parts; both vicious and virtuous. One thing culture is not, though, is passive. Culture is entirely active, requiring participation by those inhabiting the civilization in which the culture is nested. There is no passive aspect of culture. Here we can move to the macro level and observe that culture is both a vehicle for traditions and an inheritance of precious, worthwhile aspects of life created by the aforementioned civilization. The active nature of culture exists by virtue of culture being a vehicle, vector, or means by which those micro level aspects are handed down to future generations. Then there is the nature of cultural inheritance. 

By its very nature, inheritance can only be carried out by active participation. The same goes for inheritance of goods or money. The dying father passes down to the accepting son. Or he can refuse his inheritance, passing it off to the next person in line. Whether it is rejection or acceptance, inheritance and the bestowment that precedes it are active, not passive. There is no passive aspect of culture. 

Cultures can only change slowly, and over long periods of time. Anything too expedient or quick will result in something that is not culture. That is because in modernity the technology has grown powerful enough to change cultures without people’s participation. This is not the slow, generational, active, organic process of cultural inheritance and acceptance outlined above, this is cultural genocide, or the destruction of a culture. Such a human phenomenon only existed in pre-modern times as a result of invasions and wars. 

Though, this did not result in the mutation, bastardization, and warping of a people and their culture in real time, but simply in extinction and death. The one is far less humiliating that the other. In death and extinction, there is honor; knowing that you and your father fought valiantly, but that hallowed, storied tradition of cultural inheritance was not meant to be, though it was fought for to the last breath. This death of a culture is honorable.

Mutation of a culture, however, is not honorable, nor active. Large swathes of a civilization sit back and watch as their institutions and traditions are bastardized, defaced, coopted, stolen, and hollowed out. They look on as their God is mocked, their children perverted, the families torn apart by internecine struggles, with some participating in the destruction of their own culture for power and prestige within the parasitic class. 

Which one of these is taking place in America now? The healthy, natural, organic passing down of culture, the fight to the death for a culture that will ultimately be destroyed by marauders, or the slow, inorganic, passive mutation of a culture beyond recognition, with only the outer facade remaining? 

Of course, the inorganic, vampiric sucking of the American life force has been taking place for almost one hundred years.So please do not call this a culture war. Only one side has been slowly marching, unimpeded, through the cultural institutions for decades, not a single fight has been put up against them. The passive, inorganic theft of a culture and a nation is taking place. 

Meanwhile, conservatives insist there is a culture war, yet cannot show you a single battlefield upon which they have won. They call hypocrisy and mock the absurdity of the inorganically ascendent culture, but this is not fighting. This is pointing and mocking the hangman for being unjust while the noose is tied around your neck. 

There are two options: 

A. Total disengagement—secession. 

B. Fight back— civil war. 

Or else, European Americans whose ancestors were all Christians will see their country destroyed, their culture bodysnatched, and their children and grandchildren without a place to truly call their own.

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