Why America is Doomed.

America is doomed. We have all been skeptical of this fact for quite sometime; the truth of this matter has become quite clear in the past couple of years. The BLM riots, anti-white hatred becoming socially acceptable, and the attempts to cover up the truth of the coronavirus have all helped expose the weakness and bankruptcy of liberal capitalism as a ruling ideology (there is no loyalty but to the dollar and against whites.) But America was founded upon that very principle; the notion that men should be free from religious and social obligations, thus free to live and earn a living as they saw fit. This, above all else, is the foundational American principle. This is why America is doomed: because that principle has been exposed as incapable of guiding a nation towards stable and steady cohesion, instead leading us into multi-racial atheism. Say what you will about multi-racialism and atheism as worthwhile ideas, but they certainly have a poor track record of building unity. We are falling apart because there is nothing holding us together anymore, no greater narrative we can inhabit together. 

And the bizarre thing is this: the left is attempting to lay down a new foundation over the corpse of liberalism (some strange form of anti-European homo-fascism) and it is the right that is decrying them as illiberal! They are illiberal, you fools, because the liberal project is dead—or finished. 

In truth, there is no one else on the planet left to liberate. That’s why you’re getting recycled garbage like “Civil Rights 2” and “Nazis: German Fascists, or All White People?” The reiteration of old liberation stories works both because they are nostalgic and because there’s no other story to tell.

As I see it, If one can walk into a grocery store in Ukraine—a county where a good salary is $500 US dollars a month—and find fresh Avocado toast, or walk up to virtually any person in Africa and see that they have a cell phone, I think liberty has reached the four corners of the globe. 

Of course, there are those Muslim minorities being exterminated, facing a cultural genocide in China. If there were any true Sons of Liberty left, surely they would be fighting for freedom of the Uyghurs, right? 

Nah. The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles needs pamphlets on how to safely have gay sex(it’s real, look it up.) Also the latest Hollywood celebrity has gone trans, they need liberation from the oppressive constraints of main stream Hollywood and obscene wealth! Juneteenth needs celebrating! It’s all so phony. 

In reality, there is no one left to liberate. American liberty and capitalism are broken compasses, but we’re still all aboard the ship. The only reason it’s still going anywhere at all is because there are enough drones who are satisfied with a $50,000/ year salary pumping numbers into excel spreadsheets. 

America now faces a future that seems quite certain to me: continue on the path of being the global purveyor of homosexual capitalism, or become an actual nation rooted in God and Kin. Those are the only options. So-called “conservatives” can keep bitching about the constitution and the bill of rights and how democrats are “the real racists.” That’s all well and good. Keep yelling about that while your kids are at school learning about all the reasons they should hate their own skin color. Either way those founding roots are being eviscerated. Within my lifetime the founding fathers will be out of the picture and European-Americans will be a minority, signaling the passing of the proverbial whip; a whip the other half of America has expressed a desire to use on us mean old “colonizers.” 

America is doomed because its founders were Enlightened fools. They built a nation upon a divisive lie they believed was true. God bless their bravery and the sacrifice of my fierce, brilliant pioneering ancestors, but this country needed to be rooted in something more real, truer than “muh liberty.” Unifying principles, after all, exist for one reason…


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