Can you be a Capitalist and a Christian?

A materialist may well believe that the lone function of a heart is to pump precious blood through the circulatory system, but no Christian alive believes this! Jesus’ heart is the sacred heart, the same type of heart with which his father so loved the world enough to give his only begotten son! The heart to a Christian has little to do with biology and everything to do with Love. 

And as Christians, are we not called to be guided by Love? Of course we are. Moreover are we not called to try our best to emulate the Love that Jesus showed here on earth? There is no doubt. Then show me where in the Bible, or in either of the traditions of either apostolic churches, where it says our hearts should be guided by the accumulation of capital? By now it surely has become apparent that I am not a believer in either a nation or a person being able to be a Christian capitalist. For the heart is the organ that desires deeply, and our deepest desires drive our must crucial actions. 

Now, some may say it is the human mind that guides us, that it is merely the rational consumer, the reasonable American citizen that is being guided by capitalist interests. Well to this I would merely postulate the different instances in which a man should be guided by the mind and guided by the heart. 

As I am winding through the streets of Kiev, all unknown to me as they are, I would be wise to look at Gps, hail a taxi, or find someone who speaks English—all logical choices made with the mind, of course. But on a grander scale as well as in matters more intimately related with other human beings, the heart must guide us. If you are wandering through those same streets and see an old wretch starving, or see a woman whose individual beauty moves you in ways yet known, the heart is the only guide! 

Let us be honest about our situation: the capitalist has no reason to part with his money; he needs all he can get. Even if he intellectualizes his way into believing that it is in his best interest to keep poverty minimized so that he may keep earning, he is still motivated by greed, by the desire for more! 

Have you ever seen a snake with two heads? Winding its way through the desert like a lost fool, torn asunder by conflicting desires. There is no Christian capitalist, not one alive. We men can claim to be many things if we wish, and it is due to our complicated natures that we come to believe ourselves capable of wearing multiple hats. 

It is one thing to say a man is both a carpenter and a teacher; these are skills, and it is possible for him to whittle wood in the evening after a long day of teaching mathematics. But is being a Christian a discernible skill? Is being a capitalist a skill? No. 

It seems to me, that earning money is a skill that makes one a good capitalist, just as being faithful and charitable and kind can be said to be skills that make one a decent Christian. It seems more than obvious that capitalism is not a skill, no? 

So, if capitalism is not a skill, then what is it? 

Well, if we take the analysis to the level of the nation, what does it mean to be a capitalist or Christian nation? This is where we may begin to get to the real meat on this bone. A Christian nation is one that, at the very least, is comprised of a majority Christian population. Just as the French nation is a nation comprised mostly of ethnically French. From there, more detail may be added that may make the nation more or less of a Christian nation. What supposed sin they do or do not permit according to their laws, whether or not they have a sovereign subordinate to a Holy Church, etc. 

In other words, a Christian nation—a collection of laws, culture, faith, and every day livelihood—is molded and shaped by the faith of the people. The same goes for a capitalist nation! The laws, faith, and everyday livelihood of this country are largely molded by one thing and one thing only: the accumulation of more. 

Just as a snake with two heads is doomed to struggle and strife through the desert looking and sidewinding in two opposite directions, so is a nation that proclaims to be capitalist and Christian! What kind of effective country ever had two kings? What fun would it be to go on a tour with two different tour guides with two different itinerary? It would surely split the group in two. The same goes for a man with two hearts, if there ever was such a poor soul….

Show to me the lone man with two hearts, and I will show you the lone capitalist Christian! None such a man could exist, let alone function coherently in the world. Which heart’s call would he heed?  

No, this country is failing for many reasons, but not because it has two hearts. America is rotting because its lone heart chose mammon over almighty God. All our politicians do is champion a growing GDP while our young men die deaths of despair, our young women kill their children in their wombs, and a great number of Americans accumulate obscene amounts of wealth at the expense of their fellow man. Does that sound like a Christian country to you? 

To me, it sounds like a godless nation. And though there are plenty of faithful left to be found, many have been led astray by wayward protestantism, and have sacrificed Christ once again, this time on the altar of the woke, capitalist pagans; electing to espouse the glory of wretched sin in his name. Our only hope is to do away with capitalism as our guiding light and return to God under the unity of one church. 

As of now, I do not see this happening in my lifetime, but God works in mysterious ways. His will shall be done on his earth in his own time, surely. But all we see before us is a rotting Tower of Babel. In my estimation it will all fall. 

The people and nations shall remain until Jesus returns, but the stifling technocracy, the godless bureaucracy, and all of the technology that fueled the rise of this phony world will be done away with, no doubt. It could be ten years, it could be ten thousand. Either way God does not have a track record of allowing us to go on ignoring him without punishment. His wrath is only rivaled by his mercy. And unbeknownst to us, it very well may be his mercy, not wrath, that ends the hideousness of this world and the wicked worship of money that has hypnotized the world. 

We all have but one heart; it is up to you with whom that heart shall rest. 

Jesus Christ, King of Kings, please guide us home. 

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