The Fundamental American Lie

The godless, power hungry American left will claim today that slavery is the original sin of the American nation. Let us first put aside the fact that these people are militant, woke pagans whose sole concern is dismantling “whiteness”, a codename for European culture responsible for colonialism and racism. From what intellectual starting point such people could conceptualize sin is beyond me. But if there is an original mistake, a founding fallacy of the United States it is certainly not slavery; a human practice as old as time, and first abolished in human history thanks to a social movement born out of American protestantism. The ultimate error made by the founding fathers, what was indeed the entire basis for the so-called American “project” is the belief in ultimate liberty. 

For it is the very fabric of reality, the very essence of everyday human experience, that proves to us, not suggests, but proves, that complete and total liberty at every level of human society, human interaction, and human thought, is an impossibility. This nation founded on liberty is like a ship with a million tiny little holes in the hull—none glaringly large but all leaking—that no one has the courage to inspect because they themselves are at risk of losing their lives if the ship sinks. But upon even surface level scrutiny they would see the endless holes in the ship. I hope that here belief in liberty as the ultimate good becomes as untenable a position as staying on a sinking ship. 

For starters, quickly analyze the notion of liberty at the level of the individual person. Allow your skepticism to poke at personal liberty and you will find a laundry list of phenomena a person can never be liberated from. Hunger? If you do not eat, you die. Water? You need a fresh water source as well. Sleep? When will science liberate us from the need to waste half our lives unconscious! What about human interaction itself? Well, sure, you could wander into the woods and die alone, once and for all liberating yourself from civilization, but if every person attempted to achieve ultimate liberty in that way, the human race would end.  

And the list of experiences you can never be liberated from continues on: the opinions of others, jealousy of those who simply have less than you, the possibility that there is a tribe on the outskirts of your neck of the woods that wants you dead for simply existing; these externals are beyond our control, thus we cannot be liberated from them. Dozens upon dozens up liberal philosophers have been so loudly calling upon human beings to move beyond such tribalism for years that it has become an unquestioned, fashionable political opinion among most in the western world. Meanwhile tribalism rages on in China’s extermination of ethnic minorities, in Afghanistan’s opium trade, and in America’s culture war.

The lie of ultimate liberty promises you that, among many other human universals, you can be free from such illiberal evils. This promise of such far reaching liberation is simply a lie. After America ascended to the status of unchallenged super power they invested heavily in this lie. The Kingdom of Liberty tried to liberate the whole world, and certainly convinced themselves such a project was as possible as it was desirable. The west became so high on its own farts that men like Francis Fukuyama theorized the actual end of history itself. Imagine the arrogance…

But now—for those paying close enough attention—something amazing has happened. The first to be liberated(the native born stock of the founders of the American project liberated from religious persecution) have remained civilized while the millions they imported from the uncivilized third world have thrown liberty to the wayside, instead electing to adopt an illiberal blood libel(see the BLM/Antifa promise that “We don’t want Biden, we want Revenge”.) The amazing thing? The liberated are so convinced that their worldview is correct, they are doing nothing about it, electing to remain civil in the face of a tribal assault. What has been made clear throughout the epoch of human history, among many things, is this: if the tribal are allowed within striking distance of the civilized, they will eat the civilized alive(Genghis Khan anyone?) Tribalism is rooted in an unrelenting ruthlessness that civilizations have traded away for paramount liberal values of compromise and tolerance. All the tribal need to do is adopt the Trojan horse technique: act civilized and sweet, invade any and all institutions, and once in power allow tribal nature to return. 

It is now possible for all to see, we have strayed so far from God, electing instead to put our faith in liberty. The west is so faithful to liberty that we cannot let it go even for our own survival. As a uniquely free people who are uniquely capable of creating and maintaining such freedom, we are electing to remain free even in the face of our own collective murder. Some have chosen to refer to it as a suicide, and to a certain extent I can understand that. Is it suicide if you load a gun, cock it, and hand it to someone that has expressed desire and intention to murder you? No, but it is certainly suicidal. 

So, a suicidal nation has handed over the reigns to a murderous death cult. Why? Because no people can persist without belief, without faith. The way I see it, the camps of belief can now be split into thirds: 1/3 still believes in the nation and in Jesus Christ, 1/3 only softly believes in those things but believes in liberty over them, and 1/3 believes in revenge against “colonizers” and a hijacking of the American project in favor of a delusional belief that a post-European America could ever be anywhere as successful as the original protestant Christian version. 

Either way, the truth is this: America was never a nation. America truly is a project. Having ever referred to it as a nation was a lie. 

From the beginning, America was a project started by those who believed in the human capacity to liberate ourselves from most, if not all, forms of oppression and power. A noble pursuit, no doubt, but to believe in the human capacity to liberate above the divine capacity to reveal truth led us to abandon God. For long ago the Christian God told us loud and clear that liberty was not to be had here on this earth, that Adam and Eve sinned our way our of absolute liberation from worry, pain, hunger, and death. 

If Americans want to truly become a nation and leave behind this pagan religion of politics and power, the only option left is to first abandon the worship of liberty and the founding fathers. Second they must quickly re-establish America firstly in the blood of Christ, then secondly in the blood of the people descended from the founders.(Again, this is all IF the American people want this. I do not advocate for revolution or any form of oppressive political coercion.) From there America can cease to see itself as some fanciful, ephemeral dreamworld while its cities fill with blood and smut and filth and sewage and crime. 

In other words, America can cease believing in patently false lies about itself and the nature of human experience, and come to see the truth; come to see that blood is more than a fluid that moves through the vessels of the circulatory system. Any nation that wishes to survive and protect something more than the economic interests of the powerful must be rooted in said blood’s connection to an immovable soil and an irrevocable memory of those who worked, toiled, suffered, and died so that we now may live in unique motherlands all our own.

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