An Oath of Perpetual Liberation

As Americans, us men were born into what I deem an unrealistic responsibility. We are expected to meet tyranny when it comes to our shores. On its face this claim doesn’t seem so bad. However when you take into consideration the succession of generations, and the possible fact that one generation was lulled to sleep and perhaps even bribed by tyrants, well then it is nothing but the purest nature of men to look at such a situation and deem it wholly corrupt.

For here I am, a healthy, good looking, fit, intelligent young man with my whole life ahead of me, expectations and desires for a beautiful wife and family of my own, and I am expected to clean up your mess? The tyrants came to power when you were standing guard! Yet you ignored this duty that was supposedly sacred just so you could make a fortune in more consecutive economic booms than the world has ever seen in all of human history. You could have slept through all of high school and gotten rich as a boomer so long as you had a pulse!

Face it: They bought you. They bought our country FROM YOU. And now I am to take up the mantel of perpetual liberation, of the constant fending off of tyranny, why exactly? Because it is such a sacred duty? My loyalty and love for my people is deep, but I am human, thus my love is not infinite, no matter how badly I wish it was. I am not God. My Love does not stretch to the farthest reaches of this universe. I want to save you. I want to save us, but how much treachery, how much sloth, how much worship of wealth can I forgive before I am the fool left holding the gun pointed at the teller while you all escape out the front door with the loot? 

I recognize my responsibility as an American to chop the heads of these wicked snakes, but I also recognize that my forefathers failed, and are indeed the ones responsible for falling asleep on fire guard duty. The charges are all in place and rigged, the place is ready to blow, and it is all because you people allowed wealth to lull you into a satiated state of “happiness”.

Happiness….spare me, please. 

In truth, only after you’ve realized your wealth is meaningless do you now observe every trivial move of your enemy. Such vigilance could have been useful, nay, was your sacred duty, long ago! Yet you let our enemies slink around, slip through the cracks, and take control of the ship! Trump is not your savior. He is merely the most successful of you amongst this ship of fools. You believed in him because it was your chance to rid yourselves of guilt, your chance to win the game with a 4th quarter Hail Mary! 

No. No, it is far past the time for late game heroics. Now us—the prodigal sons—must clean up the mess you dupes have made. There is still love in our hearts, there is still life and vigor and hope running through our veins, but please forgive us, for that love in our hearts is meant for a hopeful future, not an already beleaguered and besieged past, not for a burning present. Me and my brothers weep. The fumes of this fire are noxious. My home burns, my brothers lay beneath premature graves, and yet I still have love to give; I cannot give into the hate, no matter how badly I wish I could. At night I blame myself. At night I fault my weakness. 

“That is why you do not take actions,” I say, “You’re weak.”

This is the Devil at work. For it is not out of weakness that I do not act. In fact it is the polar opposite. I do not topple tyrants out of patience, out of temperance, out of strength, Love, hope, and faith. 

Here and now, the notion of perpetual liberation set forth by the founding fathers comes to light as what it truly is: patently absurd; a brainchild of the so-called “enlightened,” those who rendered Christendom a hollow husk. No, perpetual liberation is a lie, it is an invention of enlightened fools, of men who believed in too much in their own intellect, of those swallowed whole by the sin of Pride; kin with Eve and her desire for knowledge. I will not sin in the same vein. If I am to be martyred, so be it. But I will not further the liberal project by toppling a tyrant I did not let through the gates. That is not personal responsibility, that is cleaning up the mess of those drunk on perceived “power.” 

Wealth? Take it. For it will merely weigh down my soul. Power? You can keep it. For it will only bolster my arrogant pride. Vengeance? I do not need it. For my God has won us eternal victory.

And, Love? There can never be enough. It is only Love, after all, that has the power to raise the dead, and so long as a nation and a people have Love, no force on earth can tear them apart. 

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