The Functional Origins of Q-Anon

After the arrest of Jefferey Epstein, it seemed as if we were living in an episode of Scooby-Doo. The gang had just unmasked the American Regime as a rotten, castle dwelling goon guilty of using innocent children as sexual and political pawns. The truth of the matter is this: with somewhat similar child abuse scandals popping up in Britain via the stories on Rotherham’s child rape gangs, this was indicative of a greater moral problem stretching across Western civilization. If a civilization cannot even protect its children from ruin, what does that say about the involvement and interest of the men in that society? What about their values? Their interests? Where they spend their time? 

Instead of taking this opportunity to punish the wicked, change the course of our civilization, and maybe try and prevent the further systemic rape of young children, what did the ruling elite do? They killed the man who held the little black book of secrets and put his female accomplice in prison. They have not spoken a peep about the scandal since. The British leadership took a similar course of action, deciding to censor the government investigation into the problem and keep it from the public eye. Why is it that two countries separated by a vast expanse of ocean faced similar issues of child abuse and reacted in similar ways? 

This is because the resulting reflection would have almost certainly resulted in a repudiation and delegitimization of the narrative of liberal globalism as the unrivaled force for good in the world. For such a scandal begs a plethora of questions:  

“Where were the parents? Why were they not more actively engaged in the lives of their children?”

“Where were the neighbors? Did they not see a glimpse of what was happening to these young girls?”

“Where were the family members? Did these young girls have no one to speak to?” 

“How could it be that a civilization was full of men willing to systematically rape, pimp, and drug up young women for pleasure and power?” 

As it seems to me, the answers to these questions do not reflect well upon Globalism or Liberalism. For starters, families have been fractured and atomized. They share little to no unifying bonds outside of blood. Where heritage and culture once stood as pillars of communal life, vapid pop culture has taken their place. The role of the father has been emasculated if not removed completely from the home. Furthermore, our civilizations have been pumped full of foreigners with no connection to the people or soil; is it any wonder that such men would look at our young girls as play things, as objects to be used, again, for pleasure and power? Not the mention the ruling ideology of Capitalism thrives upon the objectification and commodification of anything and everything it can put a price on. Our hyper-sexualized, pornographic society has now begun to encourage young women to become their own pimps via internet technology. Is this such a far cry from spiritual foreigners pimping them out themselves? 

And so, we can come to understand why the ruling class buried the story. It reflected poorly upon them and delegitimized the system they have dedicated themselves to upholding(and have been made very wealthy from in the process). But for the average American that can already sense the deep injustice and unfairness of the current system and the class of elites that are keeping it alive, there was no possible way to allow the story of Jeffery Epstein to just go away quietly. How could they? It seemed as if some of the wildest, most outrageous conspiracies about our elites had been proven true. So with the truth being suppressed and ignored by the people tasked with going through the evidence and bringing their people some semblance of justice, alternative narratives bubbled up through the cracks. The result was an alternative narrative called Q-Anon. 

This alternative narrative, the one that was given rocket fuel because the real story was suppressed, centered around a cabal of powerful politicians that rape and eat children. The hero of the story was Donald Trump, the only man capable of standing up to the pedophile cabal. Within this narrative was nested the supposed fraud of the 2020 election, the eventual rising up of Donald Trump to the throne of American Emperor, and the crushing of the rats nest that is Washington D.C. This is why so many right-wing Americans truly, steadfastly believed in the notion that on Inauguration Day, Mike Pence would announce Donald Trump the president, and the pedophile cabal would be ushered off to prison or hung in the streets.

Now what? 

Sadly, the believers in this alternative narrative stormed the Capitol building on Inauguration Day in hopes of bringing the Q-Anon story to its rightful climax. They failed, and the result was more disastrous than the right wing could have hoped. The ruling class took this inch of sophomoric rebellion, and painted it into a complex mosaic of domestic terrorism. They used this new narrative, again one unconcerned with reality, to begin an anti-terror campaign aimed at a non-existent domestic terror threat that is now being compared to Al Qaeda. 

We must remember, everything taking place is about narrative. The ruling elite continues to ignore reality, the reality that has emerged through several harbingers—The election of Trump, Jeffery Epstein, their inability to defend our cities, exploding wealth inequality, both a suicide and opioid epidemic, rampant homelessness, a student debt bubble, etc. We must realize they were ecstatic with the birth of this new “domestic terror” narrative because it gives them legitimacy in a time where they had very little. They are using every lever of power at their disposal to fend of, for just one more day, the ultimate deflation of their narrative. The Right’s alternative narrative of Q-Anon has collapsed and been banned from the internet, the centrist narrative has been rotting for decades, and the Left’s narrative has long been ascendant and backed by corporate America, but is also garnering a loud and vocal opposition from the grassroots. 

 In the end, Q-Anon was an inevitable alternative narrative born from the suppression of the truth as to who Jeffrey Epstein worked for, and why Rotherham was covered up. What has come of it is the even further dispossession of the political right from being able to draw up a coherent narrative; one rooted in Truth, and powerful enough to upend the intoxicating narrative of “Social Justice”, what really amounts to revenge against white people for their perceived unique sins perpetrated against the third world from the inception of the American pioneering project. Such is the state of narrative in America; a desert void of viable options, yet a desert where a crucified savior once walked, and promised to walk again, bringing with him salvation and eternal life. If the American right were worthy of it, they would take up his mantle and revive the narrative of Christ the King. 

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