Real Life.

The thing about peace is, the longer it reigns, and the deeper its roots grow, the more painful it’ll be when reality reasserts itself and rips that pretty, little daisy right out of the ground. Moreover, the more generations peace reigns over(and make no mistake: peace reigns over men just as tyranny,) the more the later generations come to yearn for something far more visceral than the doldrums of sweet, societal serenity. This is the promise of the one true God: come peace or come war, we are to be reigned over by the weight of being until His Son returns to bring a reign of eternal Heaven in His Glory. This is what it means to have been cast out of the garden and into History. 

‘Til then, we are made to toil. For those in charge(specifically those in charge who ignore the promises of God) the task of reigning over a peaceful period of time seems more appealing, i.e. easier, but this is how a child views human interaction. Imagine said child walks into the classroom during nap time as opposed to walking into the same room during play time, and intuitively assumes being in charge of the sleeping children would be easier. In this hypothetical, void of any of the other million variables present in the real world—chief amongst them existentialist meaning crisis—that child would be right to rule over the sleeping toddlers. However the so-called “elites” of our day who wish to lull a now waking body politic back to sleep, not knowing we are awaking to reclaim some semblance of justice and reality, do not know that there is no putting us back to sleep. We are not toddlers awaiting our next meal, though this is how they treat us. We are beings with agency within whom God hopes, and through whom God asserts his will. Some of us are more conscious of total reality than others, and such men are the ones history calls forth, God calls forth to fulfill the arc of history. 

This current world we inhabit, it is too removed from reality. Our fiat currency is fake. Our elections are fake. Our relationships are conducted mostly online and through fake, photoshopped versions of ourselves. The hearty philosophical and religious meat of our civilization has been hollowed out and replaced with cheap, fake Chinese garbage. The promises China made in relation to economic development and theft of Western technological genius were all fake. Heck, even the current American president that presided over such promises has fake teeth, fake hair, and a fake face. The messages he shares with the people he rules over are shallow, scripted, and fed to him through an ear piece. The news is fake. The reasoning behind mass “political movements” like BLM and Antifa are fake. The conservative movement in America is fake. The Cold War era boogeyman, Russia: a state riddled with drug addiction, poverty, and AIDS, posing any semblance of a threat to us is entirely fake. The idea that this nation was not founded with our European heritage directly in the forefront of the founders minds, thus proposing this nations destiny is to be a stomping ground for the dysgenic third world, is offensively ahistorical and fake. The great moral outrage behind the holocaust that we must never allow to happen again, yet are precisely allowing to happen right now in China, is a nothing more than a moral cudgel, thus fake. The plants in your kitchen are fake. The leather in your purse, your couch, your jacket, and on your watch band is all fake. The fats in your Oreo cookies are fake. The meat in your wife’s boyfriend’s hamburger is fake. Your polyamorous relationship is fake. The sugar in your Diet Coke is fake. The eggs in Chinese supermarkets are fake. The foundations of Chinese apartment buildings are fake(google it). One could make the case that the Chinese state itself, due to the forced inclusion of regions like Tibet and East Turkestan(Xinjiang), is quite literally fake. The protestant faith that was meant to serve as the moral foundation for Americanism and the subsequent state worship of liberty is fake. The now secular religion is centered around a deified Martin Luther King Jr., who was a fake holy man who raped for fun. The notion that men and women can switch genders at will is fake. The frequent abuse of children and the mutilation of their genitalia via chemical castration is all too real.

Ahh yes, reality. 

My God, where is reality?

In fact, what is real? What is the realest? The realest seems to be whatever ceaselessly reasserts itself through history despite attempts to the stifle it. Pain, then, is very real, maybe the realest thing. Violence is real. Death is real. War is real. God is definitely real. Health, sustenance, food, and work are all real. Love is real. Forgiveness is real. Jesus is real.

 In essence, this fake world is crumbling, and it is going to be our choice as to how reality comes back, and it will come back with a vengeance if we further disallow its return. All it would take would be for our “leaders” to admit their ignorance, greed, stupidity, arrogance, blindness to the grave nature of our current societal collapse, and respond with one of the few real things listed above. The preference would be for them to respond with some combination of Love and Jesus, but that seems a long shot. They have long been crafting a world in which they are each their own individual Gods, and the gods to the many stupid people that vote for them, buy their dumb shit, retweet their dumb tweets, etc. So they respond in kind with yet more of the fake, digging their trenches deeper and deeper, almost guaranteeing that reality has no way to reassert itself other than through the other real phenomena listed above: violence, death, war, etc.

It is God’s will; this fake world is crumbling. What version of reality do you wish to see?

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